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Concert venues, bars, record labels, organizations and people who inspire us and without whom we would not be where we are today.

Favorit Bar

One of our living rooms! Djs every night (sometimes even us), good beer, great people and sometimes lectures or small concerts.

Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt

One of the most important and colorful places for culture in the center of Munich since 1979. Generations of Munich locals have gone to kindergarten here, played football here after school, or learned handicrafts here. But most of all, many bands have rehearsed here and took their first steps on stage in this venue. Especially the event program of the "Glocke" is ideal to get inspired by smaller bands, musicians* and DJs that would be hard to discover elsewhere. Plus, there's hardly a cozier beer garden in this city!

Holy Home

Our other living room! Best beer, best people, best music, right next to Gärtnerplatz!

Import Export

A multicultural, anti-racist, diverse gem in "Kreativquartier" at Leonrodplatz with concerts and events that are as diverse as they are unique. Bands, artists and activists from Munich and abroad find a platform here, and the audience always finds something new and inspiring. In summer it is even more beautiful when open-air events take place.

We Holy Fingers love organizing concerts there, not least because of the great team and the familiar atmosphere.

Unter Deck

Wild parties, great DJs and fine concerts right in the center of Munich. We hosted our first concert there and we still like bringing bands there, because we really like the team and the atmosphere of the place.

Oh, and we love the beer there!

Gutfeeling Records

For over 30 years Gutfeeling Records has been an integral part of Munich's music scene. The label's own formations with great live shows, such as the numerous projects of Andreas "g.rag" Staebler, and the almost legendary record store in Reisingerstraße with its carefully curated selection of records, primarily by Munich musicians, ensure that Munich is also internationally recognized as a location for creative underground culture.

Especially their attitude of "no matter what, we just want to make music" is admirable. Often they don't ask for a lot of money, even a "hat fee" is okay if the environment is right and the result are unforgettable concert evenings. And the artistically high-quality produced and designed releases are also offered at a low price, so that music lovers without a lot of money will also be able to take home and enjoy their great releases.


Hummus Records

The epitome of a DIY label.

Founded in 2012 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by two extremely creative heads of the Swiss music scene, the unique selling points of this now increasingly important Swiss institution are, above all, the familiar approach to music production, the many collaborations between the musicians, the beautifully designed artwork of their vinyl releases and the unique style. With Louis Jucker and Emilie Zoé, Hummus Records also have two winners of the "Swiss Music Prize" in their portfolio, the highest award in the country's cultural sector.


Schaufel & Besen Records

A young, intergenerational label founded by musicians and the organizers of Munich's famous „Zombie Sessions“with the goal of enabling smaller bands from Munich to make their first steps into the music scene. They regularly release records and organize concerts, providing the city's up-and-coming musicians with the necessary support and attention they need to pursue a career.


Voodoo Rhythm Records

The bedrock of Swiss Underground Music. True to their motto "Records to Ruin any Party", Bernese label founder Beat Zeller aka Reverend Beat-Man, the inventor of "Blues-Trash" and his musicians* constantly deliver exceptional releases and stunning live shows and tireless concert tours far beyond the borders of Switzerland's capital city. There have been several times the label ran into financial difficulties and was on the verge of having to shut down, because it is always more important to them to present high-quality vinyl releases at a fair price than making money, and although the artists have toured and produced music constantly, their costs have been difficult to cover, especially during Corona.

However, the dedication of the fans and supporters could save Voodoo Rhythm from going out of business again and again and we are very happy that we were already able to organize some memorable events in Munich with the artists* of this unique Swiss music label.


Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop

The Fachstelle Pop offers Q&As, info events, advice from experts, help with applications for financial support and everything else you need to know in order to find your way around the music scene in Munich.


Munich Again

Émilie Gendron is a concert promoter, DJ and music enthusiast from Montréal who was brought to this city by her love for Munich's underground scene. Since 2014 she organizes concerts and festivals as "Munich Again", such as "Munich Again Thursdays", a weekly concert series at Rote Sonne, a monthly showcase at "Import Export" and festivals like "Peace and Noise", "Knobs & Wires" and many more. She also provides support to bands and labels with communication topics and gives recommendations for events on social media. And under her DJ name "The Queenston" she also plays wonderful records!


Rage against Abschiebung

Rage against Abschiebung (Rage against Deportation) is the largest regular anti-racist festival in southern Germany, which has been organized every year on October 2 at Feierwerk by Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat (Bavarian Refugee Council) since 1996. The proceeds and donations directly benefit specific efforts on behalf of refugees. In recent years, Holy Fingers has been able to contribute its part to this important event by booking bands.


We Won't Shut Up!

Brought to life in 2020 for International Women's Day and originally co-founded by the Holy Fingers, the We-Won't-Shut-Up! Collective sees itself as independent and cross-organizational and holds an annual festival around March 8 to bring as many important issues as possible to the attention of as many people as possible through workshops, lectures, concerts, performances and with information booths, such as equal rights for women, raising awareness and visibility to discrimination and intersections of discrimination such as gender and class, nationality, sexual identity and orientation, women's rights and LGBTIQ* concerns, as well as medical issues.


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