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Urban Junior

Date:9 Oct 2023
Location:Unter Deck

Stefan Frühmorgen aka URBAN JUNIOR from Zurich, who learned to play the guitar at the tender age of nine from a preacher's wife who taught him the songs of Swiss songwriting legend Mani Matter, caused a stir at the beginning of his stage career as a member of the 90s boy band HNO, but quickly realized that something else was to be his destiny: in 2003, he bought a kick drum, a guitar and a Korg synthesizer and started combining punk, techno and blues as a one-man band. Since then, he has toured the world as URBAN JUNIOR with his incomparable and sweaty show, performing with John Spencer Blues Explosion, Viagra Boys, Boss Hog, Bob Log III, John Schooley and Iggy & The Stooges, among others.

URBAN JUNIOR is a musical and physical phenomenon. This is electro-trash-garage-boogie-disco-blues-punk of the highest quality, unsurpassed and unique. The lyrics are a poetic revelation between frenzy, fear, anger, sadness and hope.

His last three albums have been released on the legendary blues-trash label from Bern, Switzerland - and a HOLY-FINGERS favorite - VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS.
He is currently on tour with his latest record "Urban et Orbi", which was released this spring, and we can't wait to see URBAN JUNIOR with his wild show at UNTER DECK!

Urban Junior