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Reverend Beat-Man (CH) & Delaney Davidson (NZ)

Date:26 Jun 2024
Location:Import Export


The King of Primitive Rock'n'Roll and Gospel-Blues-Trash!

For more than 40 years, our favorite preacher from Bern has been creating something amazing: Reverend Beat-Man combines blues, rock'n'roll and gospel in his music and has created his own wild genre, which he has aptly christened "Blues Trash". Whether as a one-man band, with the incomparable band THE MONSTERS, which he founded in 1986, or in numerous projects with him as a contributor, he has caused a sensation worldwide on countless tours and with a bunch of brilliant albums, and his Beat-Man signature is immediately recognizable everywhere. It can also be found throughout the catalog of his already legendary DIY music label VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS, which he started in 1992.
His live shows are sweat-inducing, cathartic rock'n'roll ceremonies; once witnessed, you will forever be under the spell of His Eminence and will swear eternal allegiance to him!



One of the most distinctive figures in the NZ musical landscape Singer-Songwriter, Noir Protagonist, Promotional Coyote, One-Man Band, Production Svengali. Part wandering minstrel, part traveling salesman, one foot on the stage and one in the road. 8 solo albums out and always one on the way. Over thirteen years of tireless touring across oceans and continents. Awards here. Collaborations there. A non-stop whirlwind. Over a series of albums and compelling live performances he has presented his often jarring yet beautiful songs like some strange spook outlaw phantom, more at home walking through the pines at midnight under a full moon. His inspirations range from Hank Williams and Howlin’ Wolf to The Birthday Party, from Johnny Cash through Suicide to Buster Keaton. Reveling in the darker side of things, Davidson’s lyrical content dredges up classic murder ballads, songs with a deep insight into the human condition, and hypnotic trance takes on old blues classics. All liberally laced with an abiding sympathy for human quirks, failure, foibles and triumphs. His rumpled stage persona combines an unconventional and unforgettable voice with a wry and twisted sense of humor.

The European version of Delaney Davidson's 10th studio album "Out of my Head" has just been released by the wonderful people at gutfeeling records: https://www.gutfeeling.de/shop/label/gutfeeling/delaney-davidson-out-of-my-head/


Reverend Beat-Man (CH) & Delaney Davidson (NZ)