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Holy Fingers present:

Emilie Zoé + Enik

Date:21 Nov 2023
Location:Rote Sonne

We are very much looking forward to two bands whose music and shows are so extraordinary, so moving and so unforgettable, that they regularly leave audiences open-mouthed in amazement and often in tears.

Emilie Zoé

This young guitarist and singer from Lausanne has already an amazing career to look back on. In 2019, she was a laureate of the "Swiss Music Awards" as "Best Act Romandie" and was among the winners* of the Swiss Music Prize in 2020 and won the Swiss Culture Prize in 2021.

Her first EP "Empty" (2013), the debut album "Dead End Tape" (2016), the project band "Autisti" with the musical jack-of-all-trades Louis Jucker (2017) and her second album "The Very Start" (2018) were followed in 2020 by the album "Pigeons - Soundtrack for the Birds on the Treetops Watching the Movie of our Lives" as a soundtrack project for Christian Garcia-Gaucher's art film "A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence". As "/A" Emilie Zoé recorded a record of the same name with her drummer of many years Nicolas Pittet and Franz Treichler (The Young Gods), with which the trio played mainly at festivals in 2021. Their current LP "Hello Future Me" followed in 2022, which like all their musical creations was released on the Swiss label Hummus Records from La Chaux-de-Fonds. At the end of 2023, another album is to follow, which will be taken on a tour.

Her incomparable, high-intensity live show, whose intensity can only ever be sensed a little on the recordings, must be experienced live in order to truly comprehend Emilie Zoé's genius. She establishes such an intimate relationship with her audience that everyone simply finds themselves drawn in.

At times gentle, at times wild, at times introverted, at times brute, she croons and screams her way into our hearts, suffers and rejoices with her audience, and is so musically magnificent in her interplay with her drummer that even renowned stars of the international pop scene have taken notice of her and taken her on board for their performances with her breathtaking live show.
Thus Emilie Zoé already opened for Nick Cave at the legendary "Montreux Jazz Festival" and was support for Muse at the "Bernexpo Arel Openair" in Bern on July 12th this year.

Emilie Zoé: guitar, vocals
Fred Bürki: drums, keys, vocals



We can consider ourselves lucky that Enik is not already filling soccer stadiums with his music and living a swanky life as a pop star overseas. He is so busy that there is hardly an area in which he has not already caused a stir with his music. Both as a musician and composer, but also as a producer and as an actor, Enik has been able to make a name for himself with his unmistakable creative work. Among other things, he has received several awards for his productions for renowned German musicians, composed the music and especially the orchestral parts for the world premiere of the play "und wenn ich von der zeit spreche spreche ich von der zeit die schon nicht mehr ist (am ende des rollfelds)" by Thomas Köck at the Theater Münster and recently united Claudio Monteverdi's compositions with his own modern musical visions for "Get Lost", a music theater piece with young performers from the Bavarian State Opera and the Schauburg Munich, which was aimed at a young audience and premiered at the Backstage Munich.

Since 2021, the extremely successful play "Jeeps" by Nora Abdel-Maksoud can also be experienced at the Münchner Kammerspiele, for which he composed the music and in which he himself is on stage as a musician and actor.

The heart of Enik's work, however, has always been his solo project, which he has been constantly developing for over 20 years and his albums and live shows, for which he has been able to recruit many exceptionally talented musicians* in recent years, need to be experienced again and again, because they are - just like this exceptional Munich musician - as incomparable as they are unique.

Enik: guitar, vocals, beats, synthesizer
Dani Scheffels - Drums
Amelie Scheffels - vocals, keyboard
Basti Pfeifer - piano, synthesizer
Anna Emmensberger - bass


Emilie Zoé + Enik